Jobs’s Death Focuses Attention on Rare Form of Pancreatic Cancer

Posted on October 7th, 2011 by

Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously kept quiet about his illness and while a rare form of pancreatic cancer was at the root of his struggles, the company’s announcement of his death yesterday didn’t include information about the precise cause… “We all call these neuroendocrine tumors,” Michaela Banck, a pancreatic cancer expert at the Mayo Clinic, tells the Health Blog. But “if you have 50 patients, you have 50 different tumors with 50 different prognoses.” As the name implies, the tumors can affect levels of insulin and other hormones produced by the pancreas, but Banck says more research is needed to better understand how the cancer’s impact on hormones affects prognosis.

WSJ, Ron Winslow, 10/7/11

Additional coverage:, CNN, MyNewsHealthDaily,

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