Warm winter could be making children sick

Posted on February 29th, 2012 by

This unseasonably warm winter we've been having has been nice, but doctors say it could be leading to a huge influx in very sick kids in the Chippewa Valley. Pediatricians at Mayo Clinic Health System say the past few weeks they've seen a spike in upper respiratory illnesses like RSV and pneumonia, and they theorize it's the mild weather that may be at fault…“There’s been a real explosion in the area with really sick kids with respiratory problems, primarily RSV, we've also had pneumonia,” pediatrician Dr. John Plewa says.

WEAU by Amelia Cerling, 02/28/2012

Tags: Chippewa Valley, Mayo Clinic Health System, Pediatrics, pneumonia, RSV, unseasonably warm winter, upper respiratory illnesses

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