New ‘Fat-Shrinking’ Technology Gaining Popularity in Fargo

Posted on March 28th, 2012 by

Fat cells don’t stand a chance against Mark Deraney and his i-Lipo machine. The i-Lipo machine can be used on anyone, but certain conditions and medications (thyroid disorders, diabetes, antidepressants) can affect the outcome, Deraney says. He says the procedure is safe, but medical professionals seem hesitant to weigh in. Dr. Kenneth Berge of the Mayo Clinic is among the few who have. “Because of their newness to the market, it’s too soon to tell if liposuction alternatives are a good way to remove excess body fat or if they’ll replace traditional liposuction,” Dr. Berge says on Mayo’s website.



INFORUM (N.D.) by Meredith Holt   3/28/12

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