Misdiagnosis: Millions of Patients Are Being Treated For the Wrong Conditions

Posted on April 29th, 2012 by

We read and hear a lot of headlines about health-care reform and related costs and hurdles. What we hear a lot less of, though, is misdiagnosis and why correcting the situation should be made a priority. Despite our "latest and greatest" technologies, 15 percent of all medical cases in developed countries are misdiagnosed, according to The American Journal of Medicine. Literally millions of patients worldwide are being treated for the wrong conditions every year. The Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that 26 percent of cases were misdiagnosed while, according to The Journal of Clinical Oncology, up to a startling 44 percent of some types of cancer are misdiagnosed.



Seattle Times by Evan Falchuk   4/29/12

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