June 18, 2009

Coverage roundup of Mall of America announcement

By Kelley Luckstein

Mayo Clinic going to Mall of America

The medical leader may be shopping for patients with a clinic at the Mall of America. In a move that could shake up the Twin Cities health care market, Mayo Clinic said Wednesday that it plans an outpost amid the roller coasters, restaurants and retailers as the Mall of America expands into a second phase.

Mayo officials said they haven't decided what services the site will offer, but said they could include diagnostic screenings, wellness counseling and other services that might direct patients to the home campus in Rochester.


"The Mall of America provides a tremendous opportunity to provide a gateway to services we provide and a platform for innovation," said Dr. Glenn Forbes, CEO of Mayo Clinic Rochester, adding: "It's not our intention to replicate what we're doing in Rochester."

Star Tribune, by Chen May Yee, 06/17/09

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