August 13, 2009

August 13 Health Care Reform News

By Kelley Luckstein

10 Steps to Better Health Care

WE have reached a sobering point in our national health-reform debate. Americans have recognized that our health system is bankrupting us and that we have dealt with this by letting the system price more and more people out of health care…Yes, many European health systems have done it, but we are not Europe. And evidence that places like the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota or the Cleveland Clinic are doing it is likewise dismissed because their unique structures (for example, their physicians work on salary rather than being paid for each service) make them seem as far from Middle America as Sweden is.


NY Times by Atul Gawande, Donald Berwick, Elliott Fisher and Mark McClellan


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Alan Frumin May Rise from Obscurity to Craft Senate Health Bill

The Bloomberg Report

August 13, 2009


The central figure in Congress’s struggle to craft health care legislation may be someone who’s neither a Democratic nor Republican lawmaker or an elected official of any kind; he’s Alan Frumin, Senate parliamentarian.


Understanding How Americans View Health Reform

The New England Journal of Medicine

August 13, 2009


On health care issues, public support for change is shaped by the interaction of three factors: people’s perception of problems that affect the country, their assessment of their own current life situation, and their worries about their own future.


Is This 1994 All Over Again?

The Washington Post

August 13, 2009


An interview with Nancy-Ann DeParle'.




Administrative Expenses of Health Plans


August 13, 2009


Hitting back against claims that 30 percent of premiums pay for administrative costs, a new report that surveyed 36 plans showed only 9 percent of premiums went to cover admin costs.




The Debt and Health Care Reform

ABC News

August 13, 2009

Increasingly, citizens at town hall meetings are expressing concern over the government’s ability to pay for health care reform without adding to the deficit.

Health Reform Rhetoric Gets Personal for Britons

The Washington Post

August 13, 2009


Allegations lobbed at Britain's state-funded health care services have British health officials saying they are misleading, exaggerated, and sometimes just plain wrong.





End-Of-Life Provision Loses Favor

The Wall Street Journal

August 13, 2009


A furor over a provision for government-paid counseling to plan for end-of-life care is steering lawmakers away from the issue


Four Ways Health Reform Can Improve Patient Medication Adherence

Healthleaders Media

August 13, 2009


Improving adherence is a significant link to addressing health reform.




Connecticut Officials Seek End to Increases in Health Insurance Rates

The Hartford Courant

August 13, 2009

Connecticut officials are calling for major changes in how rate increases are granted on individual health insurance policies.



Health Care Reform 2009

The New England Journal of Medicine

August 13, 2009


As a nation we will be far better off with meaningful health care reform than without it.


American’s Aren’t Going to Buy Health Care Spin Mr. President

USA Today

August 13, 2009

Why is President Obama letting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congress run health care reform into the ground?


Obama Injects Himself into Health Talks Despite Risks

The New York Times

August 12, 2009


In pursuing his proposed overhaul of the health care system, President Obama has consistently presented himself as aloof from the legislative fray; however, now he’s more involved in negotiating deals with industry.


Poll:  Health Care Views Take Sympathetic Tilt

USA Today

August 13, 2009


In a survey of 1,000 adults taken Tuesday, 34 percent say demonstrations at the hometown sessions have made them more sympathetic to the protesters' views. 


Why the Democrats are on Their Way to Blowing Health Care - Again

Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review

August 12, 2009


The Democrats chose partisanship over bipartisanship. 




Americans For Stable Quality Care

American Coalition

August 13, 2009


A new coalition has been formed, funded largely by PhRMA that could spend tens of millions of dollars in just a couple months to give the White House air coverage.


Health Care For America Now Expands Advertising in Six States

Health Care For America Now

August 13, 2009


National Campaign continues to urge key members of congress to support health care reform now.




Plan B for Business Groups:  Going Negative


August 13, 2009


Town halls could give cover to some big business players, who’ve shied away from challenging the White House, to turn their guns on the reform agenda and kill it - just like they did more than a decade ago.




Modern Medicine:  How Technology Will Transform Health Care Delivery


August 13, 2009


How health care and technology industries can be brought together to solve one of this country’s greatest fundamental issues remains to be determined.







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