August 18, 2009

August 18-Environmentalism – Going Green

By ldw06

Cut your hospital’s energy bills with these award-winning ideas

It may seem that going green is an effort bound to take a hit during this recession. However, that's not necessarily true.  There are financial benefits to becoming more environmentally friendly, say the two winners of this year's Practice Greenhealth Environmental Leadership Circle Award.  "For the most part, all of our environmental efforts have saved us money," says John Ebers, sustainable business officer at Metro Health Hospital in Wyoming, MI, one of the facilities that received the award. "Some of [our efforts] take a longer-term view … but I think that speaks volumes about our organization."  A big money-waster is excessive use of lights. Ebers says the following two measures will show results quickly:  1) Changing light fixtures from T12 to T8 wherever possible. T12 and T8 refer to light tube diameters, with the smaller T8s being more energy efficient.  2) Swapping out incandescent lights for LED lights on exit signs, because LEDs last longer. Water reduction programs are also within the reach of many hospitals. Metro Health cut down on irrigation, having planted hardy, native vegetation on its grounds. These plants needed irrigation the first year to establish themselves, but will look good without it in future seasons.

HealthLeaders Media by Scott Wallask July 21, 2009

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