August 19, 2009

Body art on display at International Museum of Surgical Science

By Kelley Luckstein

science-museumThe artwork is matted, framed and hung on white walls, just like any other art exhibit. But instead of picturesque landscapes or bowls of fruit, the canvases depict images such as the influenza virus and bear titles like "Pancreatic Acinar Cells." The collection, called "Redefining the Medical Artist," showcases the work of medical illustrators, whose pieces are usually found in science textbooks and pharmaceutical brochures.


The medical artist profession can trace its roots to Leonardo da Vinci, but it was only in 1907 that the Mayo Clinic became one of the first medical facilities in the country to employ professional medical artists.


The UIC exhibit is not the first of its kind -- the Mayo Clinic collaborated on a similar exhibit in 2006 called "Scalpel to Sketch" -- and another is planned for Chicago next fall.


Chicago Tribune by Mary Owen, 8/19/2009

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