September 10, 2009

Guest column: Mayo suggests many changes in nation’s health care system

By Kelley Luckstein

This is another in a series of question-and-answer columns, written by local medical experts, about health care reform. When Congress returns from its summer recess, it is expected to take up a reform package.


How would you control health care costs?

Providing insurance without addressing underlying payment issues will create significant unintended consequences - for example, restricted access for Medicare patients and early bankruptcy of the program. Across-the-board payment cuts have not improved health care quality or reduced cost in the past; we must identify novel approaches to accomplish this goal…Mayo Clinic believes that health care urgently needs reform to ensure access to quality, affordable patient care. Each major stakeholder - doctors/hospitals, patients, payers and the government - plays a key role in reform…


Florida Times Union, by Dr. William Rupp of Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, 09/08/09

Tags: health care reform, Health Policy, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

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