September 16, 2009

Sanderlin thanks community for support during kidney transplant

By Kelley Luckstein

Winslow Schools Counselor Gary Sanderlin expressed his appreciation for the support of the community, his colleagues at the school system and kidney donor Jim MacLean for their care and concern during his successful kidney transplant operation. He said that he was amazed at the generosity of the community and the many people who did everything imaginable to support him and his family during the events leading up to the operation and during the recovery period he is still undergoing.

Sanderlin came to Winslow in 1985, and taught and coached at Winslow Junior High School from that time until five years ago when he became a counselor at the three elementary schools and WJHS. He had taught physical education, math and reading at WJHS before getting his master’s degree in counseling in 1997. Five years ago, he replaced three counselors who had been present at the different schools on grant funding. His job has changed some this year, as he is now mostly concerned with counseling special needs children. After the successful operation on June 5, he has returned to work at the three elementary schools and WJHS.

When Sanderlin went to the doctor with chest pain, he had no idea that the trouble would prove to be in his kidneys. Blood work showed this to be the case, though, and his critical creatinine level was too high. He went to Mayo Clinic in Phoenix for a biopsy when it was found that both of his kidneys were enlarged. He was assigned to a nephrologist (kidney specialist), Dr. Roxanne Meyra. Although he still did not feel bad, she knew to keep a special eye on his situation. The pain and the situation became worse. A test during the last week of school showed the creatinine level was measuring in the critical area.


Holbrook Tribune News by Sam Conner, 09/16/09

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