September 22, 2009

Kidney transplants: Saving lives

By Kelley Luckstein

George Harvey's prayers, at last, have been answered.


For longer than the local inner-city pastor would care to remember, he has been praying for a donor kidney.


His kidneys don't work properly. That means he must spend hours a week undergoing dialysis, which purifies the blood like a normal kidney would do.


It's a long and expensive process - and one that has robbed him of his strength.


Fortunately, his son Benjamin recently volunteered to donate one of his kidneys. If he is accepted as a donor by Mayo Clinic, Harvey's problems may soon be a thing of the past.


Nearly 500 people are on the waiting list for kidney transplants at the local Mayo Clinic, according to Thomas Gonwa, a physician and chairman of its Department of Transplantation…Mayo typically performs about 100 kidney transplants a year. That accounts for one-third of all organ transplants at the facility.


Florida Times Union, 09/20/09


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