September 22, 2009

Mayo Clinic CampAims to Prevent Female Knee Injuries

By Kelley Luckstein

This story is all too common on the soccer field and basketball court. A high school athlete jumps to get the ball, lands and blows out a knee. And most of that time those athletes are girls.


Athletic trainer Candee Mills is helping these high school soccer players improve their game…"We also work on injury prevention to help correct faulty mechanics," says Mills. You see, when you cut, pivot or jump you put stress on the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL in your knee. And if your knee collapses inward during these moves that ligament can tear.


"We're trying to train them to be able to land better and jump better," says Chad Eickoff of the Mayo Clinic.


KSPR, Mayo Clinic Medical Edge, 09/21/09

Tags: female knee injuries, Medical Edge, Sports Medicine

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