September 25, 2009

Medical Edge – Psychologist: Sports Can Help Motivate Children

By Kelley Luckstein

In Health Watch: In many high schools across the country there's a growing concern about kids dropping out of sports. One psychologist at Mayo Clinic has some tips on how to keep kids enjoying and thriving in sports. Vivien Williams reports.


"One, two, three, united!" Max Trenerry is a psychologist and soccer coach. He's seen many kids like Lee Brandrup succeed and enjoy the sport. "It's fun. I learn new moves, meet new people." But he's also watched other kids drop out. Hating practice. Stressed about the game. Feeling too much pressure to score that goal from coaches and parents. "that pressure may take the fun out of the sport and kids might play because of that pressure, not because of their own interest." Dr. Trenerry says when kids play to please others, or the sake of a reward, they're at increased risk of dropping out.


KEYC – Mankato, 09/24/09

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