September 29, 2009

For some pregnant women, H1N1 shots a hard sell

By Kelley Luckstein

Though pregnant women are more vulnerable to the dangers of H1N1, some intend to take a pass on the vaccine. In a few weeks, the first shipments of the H1N1 flu vaccine will arrive in Minnesota, and Stephanie Pelach, who is six months pregnant, will have a decision to make.

 Should she get a vaccine, approved only weeks ago, that has never been tested in pregnant women? Or take her chances with a flu strain that can be especially dangerous during pregnancy?

 "With vaccines, you're asking a currently healthy person to do something to prevent a future harm," said Dr. Greg Poland, a Mayo Clinic expert in pandemic flu and infectious diseases. "To me, it's an easy decision. But I recognize not everybody would feel that way."

 Star Tribune by Maura Lerner, 09/28/09

Tags: H1N1, Infectious Diseases, vaccine

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