October 8, 2009

Mayo Clinic Cuts off Nebraska Patients

By Kelley Luckstein

The Mayo Clinic said it will no longer accept Nebraska Medicaid patients.


The Minnesota clinic said the decision is a matter of money, but Nebraska patients are getting caught in the middle.


Cody Lacy, 2, plays like a typical toddler, but the fibrous dysplasia he's had since birth has made it hard for him to fully use his right arm. The bone disorder causes scar-like tissue to develop in place of normal bone, leading to deformity and a greater likelihood of fracture.


"As he grows, it gradually gets worse," said Howard Lacy, Cody's father.


Cody's Omaha doctor referred the family to the Mayo Clinic for surgery to repair his arm. The clinic can't schedule Cody's surgery until after Jan. 1 and Howard Lacy said that will be too late.


"They won't be accepting any Nebraska Medicaid patients anymore," he said.

The clinic said that it has requested disenrollment and termination from Nebraska's Medicaid program.


Mayo Clinic spokeswoman Shelly Plutowski said Nebraska's "very low Medicaid reimbursement rates" led to the decision. She said the clinic is spending more to treat patients than it's getting back from state Medicaid plans…The Mayo Clinic said it is also cutting off Medicaid patients from Montana.


KETV – Omaha, 10/7/09

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