October 8, 2009

Mayo Clinic rejects Nebraska Medicaid patients

By Kelley Luckstein

Nebraska Medicaid patients will soon be unable to get the specialized care offered by the internationally renowned Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.


Omaha television station KETV is reporting that the Mayo Clinic will stop accepting Nebraska Medicaid patients on Jan. 1.


Clinic spokeswoman Shelly Plutowski told KETV that Nebraska's "very low Medicaid reimbursement rates" are to blame. She says the clinic is spending more to treat those patients than it's getting back.


The clinic has requested disenrollment from Nebraska's and Montana's Medicaid programs.

Nebraska Medicaid director Vivian Chaumont told the station that she was surprised by the clinic's decision and said she learned of it after receiving a letter from Mayo Clinic last week.



Star Tribune by AP, 10/8/09

Tags: Finanical, medicaid, Nebraska

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