October 13, 2009

Medicare patients turned away from Mayo Clinic

By barb-caldeira

More than 3,000 patients who receive their primary medical care at the Arrowhead Mayo Clinic facility in Glendale have some tough choices ahead.


The Mayo Clinic sent out letters last week informing patients they will no longer offer primary medical care to patients with Medicare.

"It's very painful to make this type of decision because it impacts patients we have cared for years," said Mayo Clinic spokesperson, Michael Yardley.


The change leaves patients with the option of paying out-of-pocket for their visits, or finding another doctor.

"You gotta find another doctor, and you go from there," Alexander Sepanski said as he left the facility.

"Many patients are disappointed," Yardley said.  "We knew that was going to happen, and it's been painful for us, it's probably the worst part of this."

abc15.com by Eric English, 10/12/09

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