October 20, 2009

Old wives’ cures to help you fight the flu

By Kelley Luckstein

While nothing stops a cold in its tracks, some of Grandma's remedies really do have the power to make you feel better.cold-remedies


You're sick. Your head is squeezed, your nose locked up and your stomach uneasy.


The bad news: There's still no quick cure for the common cold and flu.


The good news: Doctors say tricks that Grandma brought from the old country or something Mom concocted in the kitchen may make that long slog to recovery a bit easier.


"For the most part, these home remedies are out there because, on the medical side, your doctor doesn't have a cure in a back pocket," says Dr. Brent Bauer, who evaluates alternative medicine therapies for the Mayo Clinic.


Detroit Free Press  by Robin Erb, 10/18/09

Tags: alternative therapy, Complementary/Alternative Medicine, flu remedies

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