October 20, 2009

Study author discusses the costs of rail options

By Kelley Luckstein

Alexander Metcalf, president of Transportation Economics & Management Systems of Maryland, prepared the report for Mayo Clinic regarding high-speed rail in Minnesota.

The report, titled the Tri-State III High Speed Rail Feasibility Study, outlines the case for local officials who want high-speed rail service in Rochester.

Metcalf answered questions in an interview with the P-B:

Does the study's cost comparison with the river route include costs to design and build the proposed southern rail bypass?

We do not include anything involved with the freight rail bypass. To my mind, it's almost a foregone conclusion, particularly with Mayo Clinic there, that you really don't want to have all this coal traffic going through town. A bypass makes a lot of sense. That's the kind of thing you'd want to do whether the passenger line existed or not.

Post-Bulletin by Jeffrey Pieters, 10/19/09

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