October 20, 2009

Who should provide ambulance services, Fire Department or Gold Cross?

By Kelley Luckstein

Call 911 for a health-related emergency in Duluth and you’ll get a response from the Duluth Fire Department and Gold Cross ambulance personnel, often providing duplicate services.


Two city councilors are suggesting reviewing that policy, which could put Gold Cross out of business in Duluth…


Firefighters generally take 110 hours of training to be certified as emergency medical technicians, said Jim Stauber, an At Large City Councilor whose full-time job is risk manager for Mayo Clinic Medical Transportation.


In the past, Stauber has opposed having the Fire Department provide ambulance services, saying that firefighters often aren’t needed on emergency medical calls because their ability to work with patients is limited.

“They’re good at holding doors open for us,” Stauber said previously. He and other Gold Cross officials declined comment for this story.


Duluth News Tribune By Brandon Stahl, 10/20/09

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