October 26, 2009

Health By Design–Notes From the GE HealthCare Conference

By Kelley Luckstein

GE’s Health By Design conference in NYC generated a significant number of insights into the shape of health care reform that go far beyond what is being discussed in Washington DC…


Dr. Nicholas LaRusso, Director of the Center for Innovation & SPARC Lab, Mayo Clinic. SPARC has 8 designers embedded in the core business—the care of patients. One project is designing a new OR from scratch. Another is developing a patient-centered medical home. SPARC has 2 designers living in a community to understand what people feel about their own health and develop new models of delivery.


In this discussion that followed, it came out that a “Mayo consult” anywhere, anytime, is a branding/busines concept that is being developed. With new social media, medical technology and conferencing tools, it may be that you can consult with a Mayo doctor without going to Rochester Minn. Is this the beginning of a hospital consolidation in the US, with the best brands expanding nation-wide—or globally?BTW, all doctors at Mayo are salaried. Think about that.


BusinessWeek, by Bruce Nussbaum, 10/25/09

Tags: Center for Innovation, Innovation (Center of), SPARC

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