November 2, 2009

Demystifying the swine flu virus’

By Kelley Luckstein

The swine flu vaccine remains scarce, so that means for many people, the best protection against the flu is prevention. In two months, more than 100 people have been hospitalized with swine flu in Lane County.


But what really kills flu germs? Water? Hand sanitizer? Anti-bacterial soap? Can some do more harm than good?


KVAL News collected some frequently asked questions about the swine flu and got answers for you. You can find the answers by taking this Fact or Fiction quiz about the H1N1 swine flu

3. FACT OR FICTION? To kill the virus, you need need to wash your hands with a strong chemical or anti-bacterial soap

4. FACT OR FICTION? Hand sanitizers can keep you from getting sick….

3. FICTION. Study after study shows washing your hands with soap and water is most effective at killing flu germs. Be sure to lather for at least 20 seconds -- roughly the time it takes to sing the song "Happy Birthday." (Source: Mayo Clinic)

4. FACT. If water isn't handy, studies show hand sanitizer will kill flu germs -- but only if it contains at least 60 percent alcohol. You also need to wet your hands completely and rub them vigoriously for about half a minute. (Sources: Studies cited in this New York Times report, Mayo Clinic)

KVAL by Jennifer Winters, 11/2/09

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