November 2, 2009

Science Takes Case for animal research to the people

By Kelley Luckstein

A decline in support for using animals in research has sparked an aggressive national campaign to promote it. 


That message, emblazoned on 15 billboards around the Twin Cities, strikes at the heart of the largely hidden but heated health care battle being waged beyond the national debate over access to medical care.  


The billboards are part of a new, aggressive national push by biomedical researchers to promote and defend the use of animals to test drugs and medical devices. Across the country, the campaign is also playing out on cable TV commercials, websites, Facebook postings and Twitter tweets…


“One of the problems we have nationally is that people don’t see the connection between science and biomedical research and progress,” said Mayo Clinic research dean Dr. Michael Joyner. “Things like heart valves and statins wouldn’t be here without animal research.”


Star Tribune by Jim Spencer, 11/01/09

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