November 12, 2009

Baseball and the laws of probability

By Kelley Luckstein

The Mayo Clinic is an amazing place full of history, art and physicians administering to people’s needs. Normally I try not to frequent the clinic too much for as I grow older there seems to be some discomfort attendant with my visits. However, the clinic has helped me a great deal over the years and is one of the reasons we returned to southeastern Minnesota.

The Mayo Clinic is known for its medical care, but there are other facets to the facility. It presents programs on a variety of subjects. I once attended a program featuring Ronan Tynan, the Irish tenor who sang and spoke of the disability he had overcome.


However, when I read about another Mayo Clinic program with a professor of statistics from St. Olaf coming to deliver a lecture, I was able to control my excitement. I read further and learned that the title of his talk was a “Probabilist Goes to a Ballgame,” I was interested.


Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, Matt Richey, was going to give a talk sponsored by Sigma Xi and the Mayo Foundation. It was open to the public and it was free. Well, say no more, I made plans and was there at the opening bell.


Albert Lea Tribune, by Jon Laging, 11/11/09

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