November 12, 2009

November 12: Health Care Reform News

By Kelley Luckstein

Tony Sutton: Health care bill enough reason to dump Walz

On Saturday, House Democrats passed H.R. 3962, known as the "Affordable Health Care for America Act." This is the House's version of the legislation promoted by the Obama administration that will forever change the way health care services are delivered in this country…


Thirty-nine Democrats voted "no." First District Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn., was among the "yes" voters…


The 1st Congressional District is home to the Mayo Clinic. It is unthinkable that Rochester's representative to the U.S. House would cast a vote to move America away from the very system that laid the groundwork for the Mayo system and every other top notch medical facility in the United States, all of which are the envy of the world.


Winona Daily News by Tony Sutton, 11/12/09


Additional health care reform coverage:



Top stories


Hoyer, Reid Move to Finish Healthcare Reform Legislation Before the End of 2009

The Hill
Nov. 11, 2009

The House could be in session until nearly Christmas Eve to try to win final passage on a healthcare bill. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) outlined the new schedule on Wednesday, saying he is prepared to keep the House working until Dec. 22 in order to pass the keystone issue of President Barack Obama’s first year in office.


Health-Bill Battle Won't Get a Recess

The Wall Street Journal
Nov. 12, 2009


The fight over the future of the U.S. health-care system is heading outside the Beltway this week, as groups on all sides take advantage of Congress's Veterans Day recess to put pressure on lawmakers.


How the Health Bill’s Public Option Could Get Bigger

The Wall Street Journal
Nov. 12, 2009


An explanation of how the public option in the House-passed health overhaul bill could grow.


Controlling U.S. Health Care Spending — Separating Promising from Unpromising Approaches

The New England Journal of Medicine
Nov. 11, 2009

RAND researchers examined 12 policy options for reducing healthcare spending in Massachusetts. In this article, they examine eight options "that evidence suggests have the potential to reduce spending and are broadly applicable to the U.S."

State news


Indiana Clinic Lets Patients Work Off Bills

Nov. 11, 2009


A low-cost health care clinic in Goshen, Ind., has come up with a business plan that allows patients to pay for treatment with something other than money. At the Maple City Health Care Center, patients can help pay off their medical bills by performing community service.




What If a Special Commission Pushes Changes to Medicare?

The Wall Street Journal
Nov. 11, 2009


A whole new special commission — not mentioned in any of the health care bills — could wind up driving big changes to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.


Reform efforts


AP Sources: Reid Eyes Payroll Tax Hike on Wealthy

AP/Google News

Nov. 11, 2009


Majority Leader Harry Reid is considering a plan for higher payroll taxes on the upper-income earners to help finance health care legislation he intends to introduce in the Senate in the next several days, numerous Democratic officials said Wednesday.


Initially Waved Off, Hispanic Advocates Jump Into Health Debate

The Washington Post

Nov. 11, 2009


After trying to carefully balance their interests in healthcare reform and immigration, the nation's Hispanic lawmakers and largest advocacy groups are scrambling to develop a strategy to counter what they see as efforts to shortchange immigrants in health bills on Capitol Hill.

Health Savings? No One Knows
Nov. 12, 2009

One of the most basic, kitchen-table questions of the entire reform debate: Would the sweeping $900 billion overhaul actually lower spiraling insurance premiums for everyone? No one really knows.

Dr. Donald Berwick: We Need To Have More Consequences In The Health Care System
Kaiser Health News

Nov. 12, 2009


In a Q&A, Dr. Berwick discusses progress, obstacles and health care overhaul.


Don't Forget About The Other Determinants of Health

Kaiser Health News

Nov. 12, 2009


In her latest KHN column, Gail Wilensky writes, “As we move to the endgame of what will at best be health care reform 1.0, it is also important to remember that if we want to improve health—presumably health care reform is a means to improving health—we need to focus on more than just health care and reform of the health care system.”


Health Information Technology


Hospitals Focus on Quality, Experience, and Empowerment in Patient Portals

Health Populi

Nov. 11, 2009


The partial disconnect between goals and functional priorities in hospitals' Internet portal planning may get in the way of institutions fully reaching their objectives to more closely bond with health citizens in their communities.


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