November 23, 2009

Hear Me Out: Will healthcare reform HELP or HURT Arizona?

By barb-caldeira

By Victor F. Trastek, M.D.

CEO, Mayo Clinic in Arizona


With health care reform as the top priority in Congress, it is important for all of us to engage in the process, as it will likely have significant implications for Arizona. Unlike many political issues, this one is unique because when it comes to health care, it impacts everyone.

Our role as a health care provider in Arizona is very straightforward: to serve patients. Mayo Clinic serves over 500,000 patients each year, over 100,000 at our facilities here in Arizona.

The values that have driven Mayo for over 130 years are centered on doing what is best for the patients we serve. That is what I think about when asked how health care reform can help Arizona.

The opportunity in front of us today is critically important because if the health care system can be reformed in the right way, it will benefit patients in Arizona significantly.

Mayo Clinic believes that reforming the current health care system must be done in order to create more value and increase the quality and affordability of care for Arizonans, and for all Americans.

Each health care stakeholder — doctors/hospitals, patients, payers and the government — plays a key role in reform.


Reported by staff, 11-23-2009

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