November 23, 2009

Some doctors say no more free lunches

By Kelley Luckstein

Patients visiting Creekside Family Practice in Rapid City won’t find any pens, mugs or prescription pads advertising the newest medication on the market.


They also won’t find any free drug samples, and they certainly won’t run into any pharmaceutical salespeople bearing free lunches. 


Two years ago, when Dr. Nancy Babbitt joined Dr. Craig Hansen in the practice, the two physicians decided to cut all ties with pharmaceutical sales representatives…


Several states have adopted stricter regulations to limit the contact that drug reps have with physicians. Minnesota is one of them, said Dr. Douglas Wood, a physician at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.


The state passed regulations this year restricting gifts and even the amount of food a drug rep can provide to a doctor’s office, Wood said. Mayo Clinic itself has an extensive policy requiring doctors to report any details that may prove a conflict of interest. Even a family member of a doctor who owns stock in a pharmaceutical company raises a red flag, Wood said.


Rapid City Journal  by Lynn Taylor Rick, 11/22/09

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