November 25, 2009

Washington Post To Close Last Three U.S. Bureaus

By Kelley Luckstein

The incredible shrinking newspaper industry continued its retrenchment Tuesday with the Washington Post's announcement that it is closing its last remaining national bureaus in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

In a memo to staffers, Marcus Brauchli, the paper's executive editor, explained:

Today we have informed our news colleagues in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles that we are closing the offices in those cities, effective Dec. 31…


The evidence is visible daily in The Post: our deeply reported narrative series on the human consequences of the economic downturn; our insightful coverage of the healthcare debate, from the efficient hallways of the Mayo Clinic to the raucous townhalls of last August; even the ongoing coverage of the Ft. Hood shootings or the impending 2010 midterm campaigns.


NPR by Frank James, 11/24/09

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