November 30, 2009

Mayo Clinic Is Thankful For Sister Vera

By Kelley Luckstein

The echo of Sister Vera's footsteps has become very familiar at Mayo Clinic's St. Mary's Hospital after 68 years on the job. sister-vera-09


"I worked in neurosurgery as a supervisor and I worked in orthopedics," said SR Vera Klinkhammer. "I worked in nursing homes. I took care of the elderly; I loved them."…


At 98 years old, her rosary beads seem to know their way through her fingers even without her guidance. Today Sister Vera is one of 19 nuns living at the St. Mary's Convent in the St. Mary's Hospital building. Back in 1930 when she arrived at the convent there were 125 sisters living there.


WCCO  by Dennis Douda, 11/26/09

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