November 30, 2009

Parents Welcome 15 lb. Baby Boy

By Kelley Luckstein


Minnesota couple welcomes 15 lb., 6 oz. babybaby-axel-15-lb

Some numbers are just too big to register.


It was like that when Wendi Dolton heard a doctor say the number '15.6' moments after giving birth to her third child on Monday. She thought at first he was referring to the time.


"And he goes, 'weight.'


"And I said, 'wait for what?'"


No kidding. Wendi had given birth to a baby boy weighing 15 pounds, 6 ounces.


"There's been doctors and nurses that have been around here a fair amount of years and they've never seen one that big," says Mike Dolton, Wendi's husband.


The Racine, Minnesota parents named their baby boy Axel LaVerne.


KARE 11, by Boyd Hupert, 11/29/09



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Big Bundle of Joy

Minnesota couple has just welcomed a big bundle of joy into their family, weighing 15.5 pounds. His name is Axel, and his proud parents Wendy and Mike Dolton join us this morning from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.


NBC News - Today Show, 11/29/09

Couple's 'little butterball' weighs in at 15 lbs., 6

Wendi and Michael Dolton of Racine didn't find out the gender of their baby so they could be surprised on the day their third child was born…


Slightly dazed from the pain killers as she underwent a Caesarean section Monday at Rochester Methodist Hospital, Wendi Dolton said she didn't understand what it meant when the nurses called out the numbers 15 and 6.


"I wondered do they mean time, medicine?" she said.


They meant pounds and ounces in that order.


Axel LaVerne Dolton, was born at 4:45 p.m. weighing 15 pounds, 6 ounces, and measuring 23 inches.


Post-Bulletin by Christina Killion Valdez, 11/26/09

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