December 1, 2009

9 foods worth choking down

By Kelley Luckstein

Repulsive or not?


As a kid, Milwaukee’s Kristine Hinrichs routinely choked down boiled cabbage so she’d be allowed to she could leave the dinnerfood table. It wasn’t until Hinrichs grew up and left home that she made a startling discovery: Cabbage was nutritious — and could also be delicious…


It’s not easy giving certain foods a second chance. But if you’re looking to add some nutritional powerhouses into your diet, as Hinrichs was, food experts say it might be worth revisiting dishes you might previously have despised.


“Our taste sensations, interpretation and appreciation can change over time,” said Mayo Clinic weight management specialist Dr. Donald Hensrud. “There’s also some conditioning that goes on; we learn to like certain foods and we get used to them over time.”


Chicago Tribune by Julie Deardorff, 11/30/09

Tags: nutritious foods, Wellness

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