December 1, 2009

Mayo Clinic Releases PIN Report

By Kelley Luckstein

Almost three years after workers at Quality Pork Processors in Austin came down with a mysterious neurological disorder, Mayo researchers have published a report shedding new light on what's causing the condition.


21 workers at QPP say they've suffered from a condition now known as PIN, or Progressive Inflammatory Neuropathy. It's making every day tasks almost impossible. But today there are new answers.


Susan Kruse used to be a healthy women working at Quality Pork Processors in Austin.


"I grew up on a farm and all that stuff, I was outside consistently and nothing bothered me and now fifteen years after being up here, I can hardly walk," said Susan Kruse, who suffers from PIN.


Mayo researchers believe the worker's created anti-bodies to inhaled blood and brain tissue. Then those antibodies attacked the workers' nerves.


"The higher the antibody levels the closer they worked to the point of exposure," DR. Daniel Lachance, a Mayo Clinic neurologist.


QPP says this research confirms what they believed all along.


KAAL by Lorilyn Prestidge, 12/1/09

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