December 8, 2009

Mind-Machine Breakthrough: People Type With Just Thoughts

By Kelley Luckstein

By focusing on images of letters, people with electrodes in their brains can type with just their minds, scientists now reveal. These findings make up one more step on the road to mind-machine interfaces that may one day help people communicate with just their thoughts. Researchers have recently employed brain scans to see numbers and maybe even pull videos from inside people's heads…


Lead investigator Jerry Shih, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic campus in Jacksonville, Fla., wanted to test how well their fledgling mind-machine interface functioned in these patients. He reasoned it would perform better when electrodes were placed directly on the brain instead of when placed on the scalp, as is done with electroencephalography, or EEG.


LiveScience, by Charles Choi,


Additional coverage:


Fox News

Tags: EEG, electroencephalography, mind-machine interface, Neurology

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