December 21, 2009

Meet Mayo’s New CEO

By Kelley Luckstein

We had a chance to sit down the new man on top, Mayo Clinic's new President and CEO, Doctor John Noseworthy…


Doctor Noseworthy has spent the past six months transitioning into this new role, but he officially assumed the role last month.


"Is it busy? Sure. Are the hours long? Of course they are, but it's invigorating, it's exciting, says Dr. Noseworthy.  Everywhere I turn at Mayo Clinic, I'm surrounded by excellence. There's nothing to be stressed about. We're the Mayo Clinic, we can do anything we need to do.  Why? Because we've done it for 100 years and because we are totally committed to one thing - and that's the needs of our patients."


KAAL  by Sarah Swistak, 12/18/09


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