December 29, 2009

Core competency – company has struck exclusive licensing deals with the Mayo Clinic

By Kelley Luckstein

That’s business speak for doing what you are good at, and that’s exactly what Minneapolis-based medical startup Medspira LLC has convinced the Mayo Clinic to do.


Formed in August by three private investors, the company has struck exclusive licensing deals to sell two commercially available products invented at Mayo and another two that are currently being developed by Mayo doctors…


Mayo Clinic began selling the Breath-Hold device under the Mayo Clinic Medical Devices banner but could never get enough traction, said Tim Anderson, president and CEO of Medspira. Anderson, and his two partners convinced Mayo officials that while they excelled at figuring out needs for products, developing them and getting them ready for clinical use, they didn’t have the expertise in commercializing them.


Finance & Commerce, by Arundhati Parmar, 12/29/09

Tags: Business Relations, licensed products, Medspira

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