December 29, 2009

The Mayo Clinic Plan: 10 Steps to a Healthier Life for EveryBody!

By Kelley Luckstein

mayo-clinic-planbookFad diets, weight-loss gimmicks, and -get fit quick exercise machines abound, but none provide lasting results. Too quickly people fall off these diets, stop using the latest machine, and lapse back into their unhealthy habits. The clutter of diet options and conflicting advice leaves us all the more confused. Imagine if you could follow a simple, straightforward ten-step plan to a healthier life from the world’s leading medical experts? The Mayo Clinic Plan is culled from Mayo Clinic’s current research and world-renowned medical experts, and includes the keys to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle that are easy to follow.  


Healthy Eating Diet, 12/28/09

Tags: healthier life, mayo clinic plan, Nutrition, Wellness

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