January 4, 2010

10 Jacksonville businesspeople to watch in ’10

By Kelley Luckstein

In 2009, the Jacksonville area saw disruptions in many areas, leading to a sense of relief that a new year is upon us. With that in mind, we pinpointed 10 people to watch whom we think will make a difference in turning around Jacksonville's fortune. So, from medicine, to politics, to banking, to real estate and to nonprofits, here are 10 people with business ties to watch out for in 2010.


Thomas Brott

Professor of neurology, Mayo Clinic's Jacksonville campus


Impact: He is the lead investigator of a study involving 116 surgery centers in the United States and Canada that intends to resolve once and for all the best way to surgically treat carotid artery blockages. Researchers - and surgeons, for that matter - want to know which works better: blasting plaque away with a tiny balloon and holding the neck artery open with stents or simply opening the artery and removing the blockage.


Challenge: Convincing stent supporters that the newer and increasingly popular method should be abandoned, should the results point that way. Earlier, smaller studies have raised questions about the procedure's safety and effectiveness.


Florida Times-Union, 1/4/2010

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