January 6, 2010

The Mayo Clinic Diet News

By Kelley Luckstein

The Real Mayo Clinic Diet

Search "Mayo Clinic diet" on the Internet and you'll find countless nutrition plans…


The truth is, Mayo Clinic has never endorsed a single diet plan until recently, with its aptly named book: "The Mayo Clinic Diet" (Good Books, 2010). The book is more of a lifestyle change program than a flash-in-the-pan diet, says Dr. Donald Hensrud (pictured), chair of preventive medicine at Mayo Clinic and editor of the book.


Martha Stewart Show, 1/4/10



No More Scales

New diet program from the Mayo Clinic promises stress-free weight loss. Dr. Donald Hensrud appears to discuss “The Mayo Clinic Diet.”


ABC News - GMA Health Now, by Tanya Rivero,


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Mayo Clinic Diet: The Last Diet You'll Ever Need?

Many Americans have chosen losing weight as their New Year's resolution and that's a good thing since two-thirds of us are overweight. Unfortunately, many people choose fad diets that can do more harm than good…


The diet was formulated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., the gold standard for medical excellence. After years of scientific and clinical research there, the result is a list of habits and attitudes that really work.


Stephanie Sutherland would not have set foot inside a gym back when she was 50 pounds heavier and ate for comfort.


But the Mayo Clinic Diet got her moving in the right direction. "Rather than a diet with a beginning and an end, it's a life change," she said. Now she's a role model for others wanting to lose weight.


CBN News, by Lorie Johnson, 1/6/10


Medical Edge: Mayo Clinic Diet


You may have heard of the so-called Mayo Clinic diet. For years people have been trying to associate Mayo Clinic with various fad diets.


One year it was grapefruit, another year bacon and eggs and even cabbage soup.  But Mayo Clinic has never officially been associated with a dietary program until now. "I felt we were out of control. I didn't feel well and I realized we were getting pretty heavy," says Jennifer Nosbisch.


It was time to make a change, so Jennifer and her husband Donald signed up for Mayo Clinic's new diet program.


KAAL, by Axel Gumbel, 1/5/10


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KSTP-Medical Edge



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