January 7, 2010

Coverage of Mayo Clinic AZ Medicare Mentions

By Kelley Luckstein

Reality Check:Clarification regarding Mayo Clinic and Medicare

The Mayo Clinic wrote to us stating it's the clinic in Glendale, Arizona that will no longer accept Medicare patients as we reported. The other clinics will continue to do so. We're happy to get that message out.


FOX News – The O’Reilly Factor, 1/6/10



Transcript and Clip from Mayo Clinic Medicare Mention

I have little patience for people who run down this country, especially the institutions and traditions that have made it great. That's what the Democrat Party is all about..


Do you remember Obama went out there and said (summarized), "The Mayo Clinic, that's the greatest example of what my health care is going to be: The nonprofit Mayo Clinic!" He really touted the Mayo Clinic. He said, "They're on board with my health care plan."…he suggested this last summer. The Mayo Clinic is the model for government medical care, but on Monday the Mayo Clinic in Arizona stopped taking Medicare patients! If the "nonprofit" Mayo Clinic is, quote, unquote, "what works," as the president believes, then it's clear that government health care doesn't.


Rush Limbaugh, 1/6/10


Additional Medicare AZ coverage:

Pioneer Press

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