January 7, 2010

Mayo Clinic publishes book detailing healthy diet and weight-loss program

By Kelley Luckstein

Grapefruit, bacon, cabbage soup: They're impostors, staples of fad diets billed as Mayo Clinic weight-loss plans but never endorsed by the medical institution.


The real Mayo Clinic diet was released in book form last week after years of research, just in time for New Year's resolutions. We spoke recently with physician Donald Hensrud, the medical editor in chief of "The Mayo Clinic Diet"…about the diet. Here are some edited excerpts: The Mayo Clinic diet is divided into two phases.


"Lose It" is a two-week jump-start phase that emphasizes quick changes in habits, and we believe it is the healthiest way to lose weight quickly. The second phase, "Live It," continues these new habits seamlessly into a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle program.


Washington Post, by Emily Langer, 1/5/10


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