January 11, 2010

January 8: Health Care Reform News

By Kelley Luckstein


Medicare and the Mayo Clinic

The Wall Street Journal

January 8, 2010


The real Mayo story is that sclerotic Medicare is preventing more Mayos and ObamaCare is paving the way for all of health care to operate like Medicare.


House Democrats Confer on Health Care Reform

The Washington Post

January 8, 2010


With Senate Democrats barely able to muster the 60 votes necessary to pass their own bill and President Obama leaning toward the Senate's position on some key issues, House Democrats are increasingly concerned that they could be marginalized at the bargaining table.


Talking Taxes:  Unions, Obama to Discuss Taxing Health Plans

The Wall Street Journal

January 8, 2010


President Barack Obama has made clear that, like the Senate, he favors a tax on high-end health insurance plans. In the coming days, union leaders who fiercely oppose that idea will get their chance to talk him out of it.




Battle Over “Exchanges” Regulator

The Wall Street Journal

January 8, 2010


Health insurers are girding for a fight over who should regulate the new marketplaces that would sell policies to 30 million Americans under the health care bills pending in Congress.




Health Care Overhaul Could Save Money and Boost Jobs, Researchers Say

The Los Angeles Times

January 8, 2010


National health care legislation in Congress could slow the growth of medical costs, allowing employers to create 250,000 to 400,000 new jobs a year over the next decade, economists from Harvard University and USC are predicting.


Health Care Created 267,000 New Jobs in 2009

Healthleaders Media

January 8, 2010


The health care sector created 267,000 new jobs in 2009, including 22,000 payroll additions in December.




Executives Snub Massachusetts Hearing on Rising Health Care Costs

The Boston Globe

January 8, 2010


Leaders of some of the Massachusetts' largest hospitals failed to show up at a public hearing to answer state regulators' questions about what is driving up health care costs.


Ingenix Offers Doctors No-Interest Loans for EMRs

The Minneapolis Star Tribune

January 8, 2010


Hoping to get a jump on the fast-growing market for electronic medical records, Ingenix Inc., the data and technology arm of UnitedHealth, is offering interest-free loans to doctors' practices that choose its CareTracker product.




Dems Weigh Payroll Tax to Pay for Health Plan

The Washington Examiner

January 8, 2010


As the House and Senate negotiate a final health care bill, they are setting their sights on raising the Medicare payroll tax on high-income earners as a way to bridge a disagreement over who should pay for the trillion-dollar legislation.




Health Bill May Combine Millionaire and ‘Cadillac’ Taxes

The Hill

January 8, 2010


The chairman of the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Health, said leaders may use the Millionaire and ‘Cadillac’ taxes in tandem to finance the final legislation, the cost of which will be hundreds of billions of dollars.


First Universal Coverage:  Then a New Framework

Kaiser Permanente

January 8, 2010


Kaiser Permanente CEO George Halvorson outlines the consecutive steps we need to take to arrive at a perfect system.


Administration Enlists Dem Governors on Health Care


January 8, 2010


With a bill on the brink of passage, the White House is hoping to present a united Democratic front to help beat back the increasingly sharp attacks from Schwarzenegger and other Republican governors.


On Health Care Bill:  Nelson to Fight For All States

The New York Times

January 8, 2010


In a statement on Thursday, Mr. Nelson said he would fight for all states to get the same benefits as Nebraska, a move that some of his Senate colleagues had predicted as inevitable.


Buffett Defends Nelson, Health Care Reform

Journal Star

January 7, 2010


Warren Buffett said Thursday he'd have voted for the Senate's health care reform bill, and Sen. Ben Nelson was courageous to do so.




Lieberman’s Approval Rating Tanks in Connecticut

The Huffington Post

January 8, 2010


Sen. Joseph Lieberman's role in upending health care negotiations is costing him dearly at home.


Health Care Views Hurt Dorgan’s Bid

The Wall Street Journal

January 8, 2010


Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan faced political peril in his re-election bid because he was closely associated with Washington and policies being crafted there, in particular the health care overhaul.


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