January 20, 2010

High-Fat Diet Ends Epileptic Seizures For Boy

By Kelley Luckstein

A trip to the doctor is all good news these days for 4-year-old Max Irvine. Just a year ago, however, Max was enduring more than 100 seizures a day. Even a barrage of tests at the famed Mayo Clinic's Epilepsy Laboratory revealed no clear medical explanation…


Finally, Mayo Clinic Pediatric Neurologist Elaine Wirrell, an epilepsy specialist, proposed trading all of Max's meds for a radical change in diet.


The Ketogenic Diet is very low in carbohydrates and super high in fats. Max's initial diet meal plan contained 80 percent fat.


WCCO, by Dennis Douda, 1/19/20

Tags: epileptic, ketogenic diet, Neurology

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