January 21, 2010

Mayo Clinic Team Advances the Fight Against Epilepsy

By Kelley Luckstein

Epilepsy is a disorder affecting more than three million Americans; Researchers at Mayo Clinic have developed a new technique to increase post-surgical seizure freedom in patients suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), by pinpointing seizure location…


Fellow lead researcher Dr. Gregory Worrell tells DOTmed News, "This test is geared toward identifying where seizures come from and that is the primary goal for epilepsy surgery. Despite taking multiple medications, about a third of patients continue to suffer from seizures.


This approach will give us a better localization of where seizures are in the brain - the first step in whether patients can benefit from epilepsy surgery."


DOTmed.com by Jennifer Madison, 1/20/2010

Tags: epilepsy, Neurology, temporal lobe epilepsy

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