January 29, 2010

January 29: Health Care Reform News

By Kelley Luckstein

Health care reform: Can Mayo emerge a winner?

Almost four years ago, the doctors who run Mayo Clinic took a big gamble. Despite a long history of staying out of politics, they catapulted out of southern Minnesota and onto the national stage to join Washington's debate over health care reform. The goal: Get Medicare to reward the most efficient hospitals and pay less to the least efficient -- cutting waste, raising quality and saving money all around…


But Mayo's victory has come at a price. With some $250 billion in annual Medicare hospital spending at stake, the new payment formula has kicked up a huge fight between potential winners and losers. It has even raised the question: Is Mayo as good as it claims? "When you're in the public eye, this happens," said Dr. John Noseworthy, Mayo's chief executive. "But I don't think [we've taken] a solid hit."


Star Tribune by Chen May Yee, 1/29/2010


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Mayo Clinic says health reform must succeed

The Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center has backed President Obama's state of the union assertion that national health reform efforts must continue. Obama said Wednesday night that the "crushing cost of health care" causes a bankruptcy in the United States every 30 seconds.


Thus, he said, "we can no longer afford to put health care reform on hold." The Mayo Policy Center echoed his comments, saying "reform needs to happen in 2010."


Post-Bulletin, by Jeff Hansel, 1/28/2010




While Confident Health Care Will Pass This Year, Democrats Still Search for a Plan

The New York Times

January 29, 2010


Legislative leaders conceded that they did not have an immediate strategy for advancing a health care measure and described their time frame as open-ended.


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Health Care Reform:  Can Mayo Emerge a Winner?

The Star Tribune

January 29, 2010


If a health bill passes it's likely to include a payment formula that would reward efficient, high-quality providers like Mayo. But with some $250 billion in annual Medicare hospital spending at stake, the new payment formula has created a huge fight between potential winners and losers.



Politics Hurting Sound Policy

The Washington Times

January 28, 2010


The chairman and CEO of Amerigroup Corp. said the decision by President Obama to cut health insurance companies out of the debate and vilify them was a misguided strategy because insurers were the primary interest group intent on reining in costs.



Obama Wants Private Sector to Help with Health Care Fraud Fight

Healthleaders Media

January 29, 2010


Noting the "staggering" loss of an estimated $60 billion in public and private health care funds lost each year, Attorney General Eric Holder said combating fraud is one of the most urgent destructive national challenges that the administration faces.




California Senate Ok’s Single-Payer Health Plan

The San Francisco Chronicle

January 29, 2010


A new California proposal will create the California Health System, all state residents will be provided health care and people could buy private health care to cover services not offered through the state plan.



Little Progress Seen Against Health Insurance Fraud

USA Today

January 29, 2010


Two years after the federal government started its latest push to crack down on Medicare fraud, the number of people charged with ripping off health care insurers has barely changed.



Bachman Tries to Reform Health Care Debate

The Washington Times

January 29, 2010


Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, announced a set of guidelines to reform Capitol Hill negotiations on health care reform that she says so far have been marred by "dirty politics" and "backdoor deals.


Emanuel:  Democrats Not Dropping Health Care

The New York Times

January 29, 2010


“The good news is, nobody is saying ‘Drop it.’ Everybody is saying, ‘Take the time to figure out how to get this done,’’ said Rahm Emanuel.




Drug Lobbying Group:  Health Care Up in the Air”

The Wall Street Journal

January 28, 2010


The chairman of the drug industry's main trade group said “It's difficult to say right now whether the industry's key pledge for reducing health care costs will remain in place” an agreement for drug companies to forgo $80 billion in revenue over a decade.


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