February 2, 2010

Mayo Clinic weighs in on dieting in new book

By Kelley Luckstein

The world's most famous yo-yo dieter, Oprah Winfrey, regained weight and trumpeted the fact on the cover of her magazine. Researchers at UCLA reviewed 31 diet studies and found that, within five years, most people regain the weight.


Even Weight Watchers distanced itself from the dreaded D-word with its "Diets Don't Work; Weight Watchers Does" campaign. So why is the renowned Mayo Clinic weighing in with a new diet book, the first in its 120-year history? Co-author Donald Hensrud, chairman of the clinic's division of preventive and occupational medicine, talks with us about The Mayo Clinic Diet: Eat Well. Enjoy Life. Lose Weight.


The Tennessean, by Nara Schoenberg, 2/2/2010

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