February 2, 2010

Migraines Force Sufferers to Do Their Homework

By Kelley Luckstein

MIGRAINES may be right up there with root canals and childbirth as one of life’s more painful experiences. But unlike childbirth or dental surgery — the pain of which can be dulled with standard medications — migraines are notoriously tricky to treat…


Before you make an appointment, ask your potential doctor’s assistant, by phone, a few key questions. Find out about the doctor’s experience. And be sure to ask how long the first meeting will last. “A good doctor will spend at least an hour with you,” said Dr. David W. Dodick, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.


NY Times, by Lesley Alderman, 1/30/2010

Tags: Mayo Clinic Arizona, migraines, Neurology

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