February 2, 2010

Thatcher went to work on an egg — and little else, archive reveals

By Kelley Luckstein

Margaret Thatcher, who famously railed against Britain being fed a European “diet of Brussels”, made her ascent to power sustained by eggs — more than two dozen of them a week — and not much else.


Documents released from the former Prime Minister’s archive today include an Economist diary for 1979, into which is tucked a single typewritten sheet reading: “Mayo Clinic Diet.” This told her to eat eggs for breakfast every day, for lunch Monday to Friday, and often for dinner too…


Dr Donald Hensrud, the clinic’s chief nutritionist, told The Times: “I would have told her to get off this diet immediately. It is a low-carb diet but very restrictive, no wholegrains, hardly any dairy. The more restrictive a diet, the more health problems there are. This is a potentially dangerous fad diet.”


The Times by Tom Baldwin, 1/31/2010


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