February 15, 2010

DUBAI: Dubai’s medical tourism hopes fade

By Kelley Luckstein

The developing healthcare and medical tourism sector in the United Arab Emirates faces challenges to its long-term sustainability…


Grant Thornton argues that development of the medical tourism sector in the UAE is dependent upon more competitive costs, as the existing infrastructure in the UAE, and especially Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), is already well developed…


One of DHCC's most prestigious healthcare brands, the US-based Mayo Clinic, has closed its clinical practice due to a lack of patients. Dr. Taysir Khatib, the Mayo Clinic's regional office manager for the Middle East, reports that there were too few patients for even one cardiologist in Dubai, and were barely able to break even. The Mayo Clinic has reverted to a regional office that attracts local patients to its US hospital.


International Medical Travel Journal, 2/10/2010

Tags: Cardiology, Dubai Healthcare City, International, medical tourism

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