February 15, 2010

LI heart specialist eyes blood-pressure cuff’s benefits

By Kelley Luckstein

Dr. Nathaniel Reichek a Long Island heart specialist is among a growing number of physicians worldwide investigating the lifesaving potential of a low-tech medical device: the blood pressure cuff. And they're not examining its use in terms of measuring blood pressure. Instead, doctors are using the device to apply pressure to the arm as a way of momentarily depriving the body of oxygen before bypass surgery or receiving a stent, the meshlike tube that props open a blocked artery...


Dr. Abhiram Prasad, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic is also probing how the blood pressure cuff - first developed in the late 1700s - might serve as a pre-emptive measure. "This is a concept that has been around for two or three decades," said Prasad, adding much of the research so far has been in animals. Only now, he added, are doctors starting to see a benefit for humans. It's also possible cuffing a heart attack patient in an ambulance may be yet another lifesaving use of the device, he said.


Newsday.com, by Delthia Ricks, 2/11/2010

Tags: blood-pressure cuff, Cardiology, heart surgery

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