February 15, 2010

Mayo Clinic adds its weight to class action lawsuit of CSL

By Kelley Luckstein

The Mayo Clinic, one of the most prestigious and well-funded hospitals in the US, has joined a multi-million-dollar class action lawsuit against the Australian blood plasma group CSL, claiming it was part of a damaging international cartel that fixed plasma prices…


Documents filed with the Illinois Northern District Court show the Mayo Clinic citing anti-trust litigation as the reason for its case…


The hospital, often a refuge for sickly Hollywood stars and world leaders, is unlikely to have joined the lawsuit against CSL and its competitor in a desperate grab for cash - its latest financial report shows revenue of $US7.22 billion ($8.1 billion) and assets of $US8.33 billion.


Sydney Morning Herald by Eli Greenblat, 2/14/2010


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Tags: CSL, lawsuit, Legal / Leadership

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